Trophy Club Texas - Going Back In Time

Ever feel like going back in time to when life was simpler? That's Trophy Club. The older part of the city, really, it's a town with just over 8500 people, gives you that quiet calm of remembering the life of Mayberry. You'll see kids riding their bikes, people walking their dogs, children with fishing poles in their hands heading to the local ponds. You will likely see people driving their golf carts as the head to the famous Trophy Club Country Club. 

Then there is a new part of Trophy Club with it's cobblestone, brick, and stone houses and windy roads. There may not be very many trees in this new part of town, but there is still a golf course! And if you want trees, all you have to do is venture a few blocks down the road to an entry point for Grapevine Lake with fishing, boating, and great hiking trails. And let's not forget the dogs. The new part of town has a marvelous dog park.

Byron Nelson High School was built just a couple of years ago and is rated Exemplary, as are the other schools in the area. It's part of the Northwest ISD. BNHS is the largest high school I've ever seen. 

Trophy Club is super close to the DFW airport and once the construction on 114 is completed, it will be even faster. You can now get there in about ten minutes. There's not a lot of shopping in Trophy Club, but Southlake Town Square is only a few minutes down the road, so you don't even miss it. There are the necessities of life though, like Starbucks and a place to buy groceries and gas. 


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